Forecast Model Links

Here is a list of weather resources and forecast model pages. Information provided by

  • Resources highlighted in green are useful for anyone from the general public. No special knowledge is needed to take advantage of these sites.
  • Resources highlighted in orange are useful for anyone with a basic knowledge of/interest in the weather. The more you know about the weather, the more useful they'll be.
  • Resources highlighted in red are only likely to be useful for seasoned enthusiasts with a fair amount of weather watching experience.
  • Resources highlighted in pink will require plenty of specialized weather/computer knowledge to take advantage of.
  • Resources highlighted in blue have a wide range of information ranging from easily understood to fairly technical.
  • Resources highlighted in bold are my go-to sites. If you're unsure where to start, try these first!

"To elaborate on the above 'rating system', the green sites will have useful information for your Grandmother who knows exactly nothing about weather (unless you have a really cool Grandma!). If you're interested enough in weather to sign up for a weather forum, you're almost certainly set to go for the orange links. If you're keeping up with some of the technical discussions here, you'll find the red sites quite useful. Understanding the stuff on the pink sites requires either formal education or an obsession for learning about the atmosphere in an informal capacity."

Paid Model Sites

I've marked these all as useful only for serious enthusiasts/seasoned veterans because I firmly believe that you can get really far these days just with free data. If you're just starting out on your meteorological adventures, it's not worth the money for these sites. The links above will give you more information than you think! The paid sites are only worth it if you're going to be doing serious forecasting on a regular basis.

  • Accuweather Professional Models
  • Weatherbell
  • Storm Vista Weather Models
  • SimuAwips
  • NWS/NOAA Sites

  • National Weather Service (NWS)
  • National Hurricane Center (NHC)
  • Storm Prediction Center (SPC)
  • Weather Prediction Center (WPC)
  • Climate Prediction Center (CPC)
  • National Center For Environmental Prediction (NCEP)
  • Aviation Weather Center
  • Satellite Imagery

  • GOES-16 Satellite Page
  • COD Satellite/Radar Page
  • MODIS imagery
  • COD GOES-16 Page (including Derived Products)
  • SSEC Satellite Page
  • East Coast Water Vapor Loop!
  • Long Range/Non Model Based Forecasting

  • CPC Teleconnections Page
  • Organic Forecasting
  • Rutgers Snowlab (For Eurasian Snow Growth Forecasting)
  • CIPS Analogs
  • CPC 6-10 Day 500mb Analog Guidance
  • CPC 8-14 Day 500mb Analog Guidance
  • Tropical Forecasting

  • SSD TC Floaters
  • US Navy TC Page
  • TC Ensemble Guidance from UA
  • CIMSS TC Page
  • Tropical Tidbits Current Storm Info
  • Archived Weather Data

  • Ray Martin's Winter Storm Archive
  • Heather M. Archambault's GFS Analysis Archive Page
  • UCAR Archive
  • Archived Infrared (IR) Satellite Reference
  • Links to More Archived Weather Data
  • NCEI Archive Databases
  • UKMET Archive Database
  • ECMWF ERA-5 Reanalysis
  • Hydrological/Water Related Forecasting

  • Extratropical Surge Guidance
  • NOAA's Advanced Hydrolics Precipitation Forecast
  • NWS Northeast River Forecast Center
  • NWS Northeast River Forecast Center SNOW Page
  • Learning Resources

  • UCAR MetEd
  • 1000 Weather Forecasting Tips/Mini Lessons
  • WDTD Radar Training Course
  • Jack Sillin's 'Weather Encyclopedia' (still being added to)
  • AMS Glossary
  • Humor

  • Guide To An East Coast Snowstorm
  • This isn't a complete list of all the weather resources out there. I've excluded some to try and keep this page useable. Too many links would lead to clutter. However, if you have any resources that I'm missing, feel free to let me know and I'll look into adding them. I hope these sites help, and happy forecasting!

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