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Thunderstorm Ranging and Acquisition, or TRAC for short, is a sub-process in NexStorm that contains all the logic behind computing where thunderstorms are located and analyzing their characteristics. TRAC can also produce a text-based report based on its findings to show you details about individual storms. The TRAC related on map identification feature uses TRAC data to display important information about a thunderstorm. When TRAC has detected what it believes to be a structured thunderstorm system, it will start tracking it until the storm dissipates or the tracking could not be maintained for other reasons.

TRAC key  
Storm ID Key:
Dashed CircleStrike Rate/MinClassification
J-3226 is a computer assigned identifier.
- or + indicates dominating strike polarity.
10 indicates last recorded strike rate.
^ - v indicates if storm is increasing, steady, or decreasing.

TRAC will periodically generate a report based on current activity. This is called the TRAC report. While a thunderstorm is being tracked it is also being continuously analyzed. You can view the results of the real-time analysis in the TRAC report.


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Fast Facts:

• If you can see it or hear it, lightning can hit you. Find shelter now.
• Lightning is the No. 2 weather killer in the US (behind floods).
• Every 5 seconds between flash and boom is a mile's distance from you.
• Under ideal conditions, lightning's thunder can be heard 12 miles away.
• Lightning is really no wider than a few inches.
• All thunderstorms produce lightning.